Garden Clubs

National Garden Clubs,Inc
Deep South Region
Florida Federation of Garden Clubs
Punta Gorda Garden Club

Florida Resources

Florida Gardener  provides Florida gardening advice
Florida Gardening Magazine -great articles about gardening in Florida
Florida Native Plant Society society promotes the preservation, conservation and restoration of native plants

Plant Real Florida a searchable database for Florida friendly plants
Florida Plants Online  - a library of information sources about Florida's plant life, native and exotic, and about Florida's natural environment
University of Florida EDIS System provides electronic access to all publications available at the county Extension offices

The 10th Circle- Gardening tips

Gardening Information

Gardening at home with kids -informational site with many links for garden ideas to do with kids 
Gardening Guide for Kids-advice to getting kids involved with gardening
A Homeowners Guide to Composting
Complete Guide to Composting for kids

Helpful Gardener- gardening tips
Back Yard Gardener - informational site to help people understand their gardening needs
Suburban Grandma- A guide to gardening and landscaping
Garden Basics for Kids- a learning guide for gardening with kids
Microgardening-gardening options when you have limited amount of space

Fun Sites

Butterfly Web Site
Butterfly Gardening Resource Guide -Butterfly gardening resources


updated 26 Jan 2019